DIY Pumpkin Spiced Latte

For all you coffee lovers out there, try this healthified version of the fall favorite: 

Pumpkin Spiced Latte 


  • 1.00 cup (8 fl oz), Coffee – Brewed from grounds, cooled
  • 0.25 cup, Pureed Pumpkin (homemade if possible!)
  • 0.25 cup, Silk Almond Milk Original
  • 4.00 drops, Stevia Clear – Liquid Stevia
  • 0.50 tsp(s), Spices – Cinnamon, ground
  • 0.25 tsp(s), Spices – Cinnamon, ground
  • 0.125 tsp(s), Spices, cloves, ground


  1. Take 8 ounces of cooled brewed coffee and blend (in a bullet blender or regular blender if you are making more servings) with pumpkin puree, almond milk, stevia (or other sweetener of choice), and spices. This will ensure there are no clumps.
  2. I’m not a huge advocate for microwaves, but it does come in handy here. You can definitely drink this cold, but it’s so wonderful warm! Pour into a microwave safe mug and microwave for about 1 minute and 15 seconds, depending on how hot you like your lattes.
  3. Wrap yourself up in a blanket and enjoy!

Microwaving this creates a velvety rich foam at the top. You’ll get all the flavors of a pumpkin spiced latte for WAY less calories.



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