Random Meals from Last Week

Recipes to remember!

Breakfast: Chocolate Turkey Bacon Baked Oatmeal

Ok, you may be a bit skeptical about this one and admittedly, it does need a little tweaking. I had made baked chocolate oatmeal earlier in the week and thought it was great, so I thought, why not add turkey bacon?!? It added too much saltiness, though I didn’t have a problem finishing the whole thing. May have been better with real bacon, no added salt, and adjusting the baking soda/baking powder combo. Revision recipe to come in the future.

Lunch: Stuffed Acorn Squash and BBQ Baked Portobello Mushroom

Acorn squash is so versatile – it can be sweet, savory, used in baking, used as a bowl, you can roast the seeds, etc. etc. etc. I cut this squash in half, scooped out the seeds, and roasted it in the oven at 400 degrees for about half an hour. It was pretty soft by then, so I pulled it out, used half for my squash bowl and the rest for my shepherds pie.

Sautéed up some greens and mushroom with sriracha, a splash of cider vinegar, spices, then olives at the end. Sliced my portobello mushroom into strips and basted with a little BBQ sauce before roasting. I would have loved to have had more veggies in the mix, but I wanted to use up what I had in the fridge before going grocery shopping again.

Yes, you can eat the skin! I love edible bowls 🙂

Dinner: Acorn Squash Shepherds Pie

This is an excellent spin on a shepherds pie. I had used sweet potatoes before, but never acorn squash. I used ground turkey, onion, peas, bell pepper, and mushrooms. Carrots and celery would have made a great addition. If you like, you can top it off with some butter and brown sugar (I used coconut sugar) for a sweeter squash.

Inspiration: http://reluctantentertainer.com/2012/11/gratitude-acorn-squash-shepherds-pie-recipe/?m



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