Cleanse Day 2: Giant Cancer Fighting Salad

Day 2 and still excited about our 21-day detox! We ate a lot of the same things as yesterday but added some new twists. 

Breakfast: Steel cut oats with apple and cinnamon (and a little bit of Kerrygold butter)

Lunch: Sweet potato topped with Vegetable Detox Soup (from yesterday) and avocado

Snack: Chris Wark’s Anti-Cancer Coconut Smoothie (

Dinner: Chris Wark’s Giant Cancer Fighting Salad (

We also added some apple (though it’s not usually recommended to have fruits and vegetables in the same meal), leftover black-eyed peas, celery, and mixed greens. This recipe is great because you can make any sort of combination you want, and since there are so many ingredients, you don’t get tired of eating it and you never know what flavor combo your next bite will be! I’m sure I got my recommended dose of vegetables for the day…(maybe week!).


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