Cleanse Day 4: Chocolate Peppermint Shake, Collard Green Hummus Wraps, and Stuffed Acorn Squash

Lots of fun new recipes today! The Mr. and I finally have everything unpacked and are starting to settle in, which means more time to play around with dishes. Today was also our first day back to the gym since we left Seattle, and it feels great to be getting back into a routine. Best surprise of the day was our post-work out shake (check it out below)! 

Breakfast: Steel cut oats with cinnamon, and organic mixed berries

Colorful breakfast to start off the day! I used frozen mixed berries and tried to just get the blueberries and raspberries. One little strawberry made it through though, sneaky little thing. Also added just a touch of Kerrygold butter. As I’ve been told here in the south, your body knows what to do with butter, so if you’ve got good quality butter (like Kerrygold – get it at Costco!), having those added fats in your breakfast can help with satiety throughout the day.

“Lunch” (pre-work out snack): Broiled grapefruit with cinnamon and walnuts, fresh carrot juice

Here,  cut up a grapefruit then peeled off the rind and stuck the sections in a little ramekin. I doused it with cinnamon and a touch of Kerrygold butter on top then stuck it in the broiler for 3 minutes or so. Once the butter is all melted, stir it again and add some walnuts. Tangy and tasty!

Once we get some ginger, I want to try juicing it with the carrots to give it a little zing. This one was just plain carrot juice though.

Post-work out snack: Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake

My oh my, was this refreshing after our cardio workout. I used my Young Living Peppermint Essential oil (only 2 drops to flavor two shakes!) and was VERY pleased with the results. It was like drinking Christmas on a brisk winter morning.

Chocolate Peppermint Protein Shake

Ingredients (makes a little over 24 ounces, or two 12 oz shakes)

  • 1.5 – 2 cups of liquid (I did about half almond milk and half water)
  • 1.5 scoops of chocolate Raw Meal
  • 2 scoops of Orgain organic chocolate protein powder
  • 1 chopped frozen banana
  • 2 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil
  • Cinnamon to taste
  • Ice until you reach the desired consistency


  1. Mix your liquid and protein powders together in a blender.
  2. Add the frozen banana and blend until smooth.
  3. Add 2 drops of Young Living Peppermint Essential Oil and cinnamon and blend.
  4. Add ice and blend until you reach your desired consistency.

The banana was so subtle in this, it really just tasted like chocolate peppermint. Young Living only uses 100% therapeutic grade essential oils so they are safe to consume, and 1 drop of their peppermint essential oil is 4 times stronger than peppermint extract (not to mention that the oils are all natural and may also have awesome health benefits!*).

*If you are interested in learning more about the health benefits of essential oils and/or want to give some a try, please send me an email! I’d love to chat with you more:

Dinner: Collard Green Wraps and Stuffed Acorn Squash

Today I discovered that collard greens are an excellent low carb wrap alternative! I adapted mine from these two recipes:



First, I broke off the larger leaves from my collards and gave them a rinse. Then I added a layer of organic hummus, leftover black eyed peas, shredded red and green cabbage, baby carrots and cucumber sliced into matchsticks, chunks of avocado, Italian parsley, and a sprinkle of raw sunflower seeds.

Next, I rolled my wraps up and laid them down on my plates. I made a dipping sauce to go with the wraps with about 1.5 tablespoons of Bragg’s apple cider vinegar, a splash of extra virgin olive oil and Bragg’s liquid aminos, and a sprinkle of turmeric and garlic powder. Finished it off with a squeeze of fresh lemon to round out the flavors.

For my stuffed acorn squashes, I used this recipe:

I started with an organic acorn squash (which means I can eat the entire thing, skin and all!), sliced it in half, and scooped out the seeds. With my stuffing, I did omit the cranberries and recommended spices, and instead, added a little garlic salt, basil, and thyme. I put the two halves in a baking dish, stuffed them letting the stuffing flow over, stuck a little bit of Kerrygold butter on top (theme of the day), and baked it in the oven at 350 degrees for about an hour.

Ta-da! Once squash made 4 servings, a quarter for each of us Wadley’s.


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