Cleanse Day 16: Sweet Pea Burgers

Today was such an uplifting day filled with food and friends! I was blessed to be able to spend time at my Auntie Kim’s and cook a meal with her daughter Kaitlin. Kaitlin and I both love watching Food Network, and she found an awesome recipe that turned out great! I had to cleanse-ify it just a tad so that it fit within these detox parameters, but the “burgers” we made according to the recipe looked and smelled delicious. Even the men approved!

Breakfast: Cinnamon and Savory Oats

Alright, in this last week, I’m trying to pull out all the crazy oat combinations I can think of. Today I went the savory route. To my steel cut oats, I added some dried herbs (basil, thyme, italian seasoning), some turmeric, cinnamon, and a drop of Young Living’s Rosemary Essential Oil (ok…I accidentally did 2 drops, but 1 would have been plenty!).

The aroma of rosemary really woke me up, and my savory oats were a nice change up from our usual fruit-flavored oats. Sunflower seeds on top.

Lunch: Swimming Greens with Celery and Hummus

Used up the last of our Vegetable and Millet Soup and poured it over a bed of kale and mixed greens. I started out by massaging my kale (yes, you have to massage it) with a little organic extra virgin olive oil. This softens it up a bit and will brighten up the color of the kale. Then I poured my hot soup on top and let all the greens wilt down.

Celery and hummus on the side.

Dinner: Sweet Pea Burgers and Quinoa

Here’s where we got to have a little fun. Kaitlin picked out this recipe and I was so excited to try it:

We followed the recipe pretty exactly for everyone else’s burgers, but to make mine cleanse friendly, I made the following substitutions:

  1. Subbed almond flour for the flour and breadcrumbs
  2. Subbed Ener-G egg replacer for the egg
  3. We left out the parmesan cheese in all the burgers
  4. Just used dijon mustard and honey for the sauce

The real sweet pea burgers grilled up beautifully. Since they were so thick, I stuck them in an oven at 350 degrees after frying to keep them warm and to cook them through a little bit more. My cleanse friendly burger (above) got a little stuck (much like our almond meal pancakes yesterday), but the flavor was very pleasant.

I made some quinoa as a side dish seasoned with some garlic salt, chili powder, pepper, and italian seasoning, and Auntie Kim made some sweet potato puffs (kind of like sweet potato tater tots). What a spread!

Finished the evening off by watching War Room and hanging out with this cute little fella 🙂

By the end of the movie, all of us had our own cat sitting on our lap. Such an awesome movie! I’d highly recommend it if you haven’t seen it. Very uplifting.

Me and my sous chef!


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