Cleanse Day 12: Sweet Potato and Veggie Sauté

Just 9 more days of this cleanse! I’ll be honest, we all started getting a little “hangry” by the end of the day…The four of us made a trip up to Columbia, Tennessee so I could meet some more of the Wadley clan, so we spent most of the day in the car. Once we got to Grandy and Nana’s house, it was a team effort in the kitchen to put lunch together. Everything turned out great, and we had everyone eating cleanse friendly food! Continue reading Cleanse Day 12: Sweet Potato and Veggie Sauté


Cleanse Day 10: Chai Chia Oats

Today was one of those days when you get so caught up in what you are working on, that you nearly forget to eat! Good thing I had these dishes pre-made and waiting for me. Whenever you have a chance to do some extra meal prep to make things easier on yourself later, take advantage of it! Continue reading Cleanse Day 10: Chai Chia Oats

Repurposed Thanksgiving Leftovers

With all those Thanksgiving leftovers, don’t settle for repeats of the same dishes reheated! Here are 2 ideas I tried this year with the massive amounts of left overs from Thanksgiving at my parents’ place.   Continue reading Repurposed Thanksgiving Leftovers