Gluten-Free Italian Herbed Chia Crackers

My younger sister is in town, so I wanted to find a fun recipe for us to try out. I stumbled upon these coconut flour chia crackers and decided to spice them up with a couple different essential oils. You can adjust the texture of these crackers based on how thin you roll them out and how long you bake them.  Continue reading Gluten-Free Italian Herbed Chia Crackers


Waffles 2 Ways (including gluten-free!)

The Mr. just said “His and her waffles…guess which one’s Kristina’s!” Yes, we’re back to eating waffles! All is well in the world. I experimented with a few different types of waffles recently. The first recipe turned out pretty dry and even hurt my throat trying to swallow it, so I made a few modifications and ended up with this gem: Continue reading Waffles 2 Ways (including gluten-free!)