Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream

Confession: I’ve been awake for probably around 38 hours by now (long story) and I’ve definitely developed a new appreciation for my sweet husband who’s been working night shift. So here I am, instead of going to sleep, I’m posting recipes. Sleep deprived brain is rather illogical. Maybe it’s all the coffee I ended up drinking today still lingering in my system…Whatever the reasoning, we’re talking CHOCOLATE, so two words: Worth. It. Continue reading Dairy Free Chocolate Ice Cream


Cleanse Day 8: Shepherd’s Leftovers PieĀ 

ROLL TIDE! Whelp, today’s menu was miles healthier than what we ate during the last Alabama game (oh pre-cleanse days…), but I’m sure we’ll feel a lot better tomorrow morning than we did a week and a half ago! Continue reading Cleanse Day 8: Shepherd’s Leftovers PieĀ